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Dictionaries and the Law – Hunting, Poaching, and the Right to Food

The Regulation Court’s new determination in Parker v. Office of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is fascinating—it is a rare occasion when the Courtroom has been termed on to interpret and utilize a new constitutional provision. The Maine Constitution has experienced reasonably few amendments, but in 2021 Maine voters authorised a “Right to Foodstuff Modification.” Parker involved a obstacle to…

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Best Practices for Associate Compensation

Welcome back to our in-depth exploration of compensation within law firms. In our previous post , we emphasized the significance of establishing a robust compensation system to attract and retain top talent and keep them motivated. In this post, we’ll discuss the crucial components needed to make an effective compensation plan for associates within the firm. Compensating…

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Weather & Climate Risk Management Part IV: Taxation of Weather Risk Management Products

Are there differences in the way in which temperature derivatives and weather conditions insurance plan are taxed? Of course. Weather conditions insurance coverage merchandise, including parametric insurance policy, are taxed as insurance and derivatives are taxed in accordance with the tax policies applicable to the specific variety of derivative products held by the taxpayer. A…

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