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How Lawyers Can Effectively Leverage Their Published Articles

Writing and publishing articles or blog posts can be a powerful branding and business development tool for lawyers. Not only do they demonstrate your expertise in your practice area, but they also significantly enhance your visibility and credibility.

However, your work doesn’t end once the article is published – in fact, it’s just beginning. Here are some tips to maximize the value, reach and impact of your published work.

1. Optimize for Online Search First and foremost, ensure your article is search engine optimized (SEO). This means incorporating relevant keywords that potential clients might use to find information related to your legal expertise. SEO increases the visibility of your content on search engines like Google, making it easier for your target audience to find you.

2. Share on Social Media Utilize your personal and professional social media platforms to share your article. LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook are excellent venues for reaching other professionals and potential clients. Don’t just share it once; periodically repost it, especially if the topic is evergreen. Engage with comments and discussions to further boost your post’s visibility.

3. Incorporate Into Newsletters If you or your firm sends out a regular newsletter, include a link to your article. This not only provides added value to your subscribers but also keeps your existing client base engaged with your latest insights and activities. This approach can help reinforce your position as a thought leader in your field. Also, consider launching a LinkedIn newsletter. LinkedIn’s platform offers a unique opportunity to reach a professional audience directly, increasing the potential for networking and attracting new clients who are actively interested in your area of expertise.

4. Speak at Conferences and Seminars Use your article as a springboard to secure speaking engagements. Conferences, seminars and panel discussions often look for experts who can contribute interesting insights. Your article can serve as a proof of your expertise and a teaser of your presentation content, making you an attractive candidate for these events.

5. Create Multimedia Versions Expand the reach of your article by adapting it into different formats. Consider recording a podcast episode discussing the topic in depth, or creating a short-form video for LinkedIn and YouTube. These formats can attract different segments of your audience and make the content more accessible.

6. Network Through Professional Groups Share your article in professional groups and online forums in your field, as well as alumni groups (law school, undergrad school and former firms). This can lead to discussions with peers and can even attract referrals. Active participation in these groups, coupled with sharing insightful content, can significantly expand your professional network.

7. Use as a Teaching Resource Offer to guest lecture at local law schools and use your article as a teaching resource. This not only enhances your reputation as an expert but also builds relationships with the upcoming generation of lawyers who could become colleagues or refer clients in the future.

8. Repurpose Content for Blogs or Articles Break down the article into smaller blog posts or develop certain points further into new articles. This can help maintain a consistent stream of content on your website, which is good for SEO and keeps your audience engaged over time.

9. Monitor and Engage with Feedback Keep an eye on comments and feedback from your article across all platforms. Engaging with readers can provide insights into what your audience finds useful, shaping your future writing to better meet their needs. It also helps in building a loyal following.

10. Track Metrics Utilize analytics tools (web, social media and email) to track how well your article performs in terms of views, shares and engagement. This data can help you understand what works and what doesn’t, guiding your content strategy for future articles.

11. Leverage the Power of Content Repurposing Content repurposing can significantly extend the life and reach of your original article. By transforming the article into different content formats—such as infographics, webinars, slide decks or even e-books—you cater to various learning styles and preferences, reaching a broader audience. This strategy not only maximizes your content’s exposure but also enhances engagement by presenting the information in new, accessible ways. Repurposing content can help solidify your reputation as a versatile and resourceful expert in your field.

Publishing an article or blog post is just the beginning. By strategically promoting and leveraging your published works, you can enhance your visibility, establish yourself as a thought leader and attract more clients. Every article has the potential to open new doors; it’s up to you to make sure it does!

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by: Stefanie M. Marrone of Stefanie Marrone Consulting

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