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Major Military Vehicle Crash at Highway 58 and Union Avenue in Bakersfield

Due to the sheer size of many military vehicles, these accidents can lead to lasting harm in victims. Though individuals are specially trained to operate these vehicles, they still become involved in life-altering accidents throughout California each year. A claim involving these vehicles can be incredibly complex to face on your own, which is why it is crucial that you seek legal help as soon as possible following your accident.

Accident on Highway 58 in Bakersfield Involving Military Vehicles

Around 6:27 p.m. on Wednesday evening, an accident involving military vehicles took place in Bakersfield. According to information provided by Bakersfield Now, the accident happened at the intersection of Highway 58 and Union Avenue on the evening of May 29, 2024.

When California Highway Patrol arrived on scene, they discovered that two tan military vehicles were involved in a crash at the intersection. Police did not comment on the circumstances that led to the accident.

Paramedics and several other parties were present at the scene. One person sustained major injuries and was hospitalized. It is not known if any other parties were hurt as a result.

All lanes of traffic were blocked near the intersection for three hours. Police quickly worked to clear the scene so traffic could resume as normal.

No further details have been released but the investigation into the collision remains ongoing.

Support for Victims of Bakersfield Accidents

After you have been hurt in an accident with a military vehicle or any other type of large vehicle, you may discover that a wide array of bills start piling up. When you are on the road to recovery, you should not have to worry about the medical expenses and time away from work, and how it will affect you financially.

Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you get back on your feet during this difficult time in your life. You may discover that you are eligible for some of the following damages as you move forward with a claim:

  • Medical expenses you have incurred
  • Medical bills that you expect in the future
  • Lost income and future lost wages due to missing time at work
  • Therapy costs
  • Pain and suffering

It is crucial that you keep the state’s statute of limitations in mind as you move forward with a claim. In California, you have two years from the time of your accident to file a claim before you are barred from doing so. Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible can ensure that your rights are being protected along the way.

Contact a Bakersfield Personal Injury Lawyer Immediately

If you have been hurt in a serious accident in Bakersfield, you may be feeling helpless and alone. At Maison Law, our Bakersfield personal injury lawyers are here to help you as you navigate the complexities of the legal system in California. You should never have to deal with the insurance company on your own after an accident and we will negotiate on your behalf so that you receive fair compensation. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a no-obligation case consultation to get started.

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