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Fresno Car Accident Statistics

Fresno travelers are often expected to steer clear of aggressive drivers, large trucks from local farms and orchards, and the occasional drunk driver. Every trip can be risky, and according to state car accident statistics, Fresno’s accident rates remain alarmingly high.

Maison Law of Fresno wanted to find a way to get the attention of local motorists and make them aware of the toll their recklessness can take on our community. We examined the annual traffic accident statistics for the city. This is a visual reminder for all drivers to take the extra time to avoid reckless behavior and to always pay attention to the lanes ahead and behind.

How Many Car Accidents Occur in Fresno Each Year?

California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) data shows that Fresno was the scene of 1,564 accidents involving any level of injury in 2023. Over the past five years, Fresno has averaged 1,346 accidents a year.

Here are some other eye-opening statistics for Fresno’s traffic dangers:

  • Fresno’s Worst Intersections: The Fresno Bee collected votes from readers on the most dangerous intersections in the Fresno area. The spot where Central and Chestnut Avenues meet got the most attention in the 2024 poll. The intersection has seen 83 crashes since 2019. Friant Road and Shepherd Avenue was also flagged by readers as a scary intersection. Also making the list was Shaw Avenue and Golden State Boulevard.
  • Fresno County 2023 Accident Numbers: According to a 2024 Mid Valley Times article, the CHP responded to 5,192 crashes across Fresno County in 2023. Almost 1,200 of those collisions caused injuries and 87 wrecks led to fatalities.

Fresno documented at least 37 fatalities caused by collisions in 2023. Over the past decade, our city has recorded an average of 46 deaths each year.

Fresno recorded 37 tragic death sin traffic accidents in 2023. That was down from 66 deaths documented in 2022.

Where Does Fresno Rank for Accidents Compared to Other Cities?

As noted above, Fresno recorded 1,564 accidents involving injuries in 2023, making it the 11th most dangerous city for car accidents in California.

Fresno was just ahead of Bakersfield (12) and Modesto (14) on that list. By comparison, Los Angeles was first on the list with 10,401 accidents.

Fresno ranked 11th out of all California cities for number of accidents in 2023.

Fresno may have ranked outside the top ten for overall accidents, but in a disturbing twist, our city ranks higher on a list of cities with the most fatalities in 2023. Fresno recorded 37 traffic deaths for the year, which puts us 6th overall among other California towns. That’s down from 2022 numbers and yet still ranks incredibly high among all cities in California. Los Angeles, of course, was first in the number of deadly collisions with 278 incidents.

What Highways See the Most Accidents in Fresno County?

California’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS) reports Highway 99 saw the most accidents involving injuries in 2023 throughout Fresno County. Highway 180 was close behind.

Hwy 99 recorded 210 serious accidents in 2023. Hwy 180 recorded 209 accidents.

Interstate 5 and Highway 99 may see the most traffic through Fresno County, but in another tragic twist, it was the more rural highways that recorded the highest death tolls in collisions.

  • Hwy 180 – 11 deaths in 2023
  • Hwy 168 – 8 deaths in 2023
  • Highway 99 – 3 deaths in 2023
  • Highway 41 – 2 deaths in 2023
  • Interstate 5 – 1 death in 2023

How Many Car Accidents Are There in California Each Year?

SWITRS reports that there were 158,801 traffic accidents in California involving an injury in 2023. Over the past decade, California has averaged almost 176,000 serious accidents a year.

The numbers show a slight decline in 2023 when compared to the years that followed the 2020 pandemic year. However, the accident levels are still way too high.

California saw 158,801 accidents in 2023. That was down slightly from 2022's 160,974 accidents

California recorded a tragic 3,085 traffic deaths in 2023. Over the past decade, the state has seen an average of almost 3,800 deaths a year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 40,990 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in 2023 across the nation. That was a 3.6% decrease when compared to the 42,514 fatalities reported in 2022.

California has trailed only Texas in the number of traffic fatalities over the past few years. Otherwise, California leads all other states.

Hope for a Safer 2024 on Fresno Roads

After a brief look at the toll auto accidents take on Fresno roads, we hope that every driver can recommit to driving safely and showing caution to every other motorist. This is one of the few changes that will make a real difference when 2024 accident numbers are finally tallied.

If you or a loved one become the victim of a driver’s carelessness, don’t wait to seek legal help. Take advantage of a free consultation with a Fresno car accident lawyer to find out what you should be demanding in recovery support. Maison Law works with accident victims and their families to make sure insurance companies provide them with everything they need to rebuild their health and their lives.

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